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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EST

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on the. welcome back you're with our team here's a look at the top stories defined egyptians remain in top three years square for the sixth day to demand an immediate transfer of power as they reject a pledge by military rulers to speed up the presidential elections at least thirty six people have died so far in fierce clashes between protesters and security forces across the country. the u.n. general samways human rights committee can damns syria for its violent crackdown on anti-government protests but the masses calls it a u.s.
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led plot to topple its government russia abstained from voting on the resolution saying dialogue is the only solution to the crisis. and five years after the death of former cia officer old example of an anchor from polonium poisoning in the u.k. the case remains unsolved and a sore on the side of russian british relations wanted once the main suspect to be extradited by russia has refused saying it's against the constitution to hand over citizens to foreign governments. because they have lines that started talks to heinz christian start a leader of the freedom party of austria he says that's the immigration policy is an expansion plans will eventually spell the end of the european idea. the far right freedom party leads polls the general election its leader has penned a rut saying islam is on the rise mr struck out while austrian so concerned about
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his long. this is an area where there are too many thorny issues the european crisis is our main problem now we also face problems in our migration policy this largely concerns migration from non european countries such as turkey more than fifty percent of turkish immigrants don't want to integrate into modern society they don't want to learn the language and organize parallel and opposing structures the activities of radical islamists have become visible in our society they hinder its peaceful and democratic development in this since we are certainly a political force that comes out against any such radicalization if the e.u. states refused to work with your policy when it was in power five years ago what will be different this time is covered it if you will take it out but i think the europe is looking for a turning point in its development it's just as the whole world is getting through a turning point and a period of democratization i assume that the forthcoming elections in europe not only in austria but also in france belgium italy and germany will cause
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a wave of wrath and pressure people are going to give vent to their rage on longstanding parties at the polling stations that will lead to political changes since we are well prepared from this side to european governments we take these elections seriously and respect the results unlike in the middle east where the authorities try to deter democratic transformation by imposing restrictions and with the help of other nations which are out of line with the principles of democracy so i was with a good look at it. the president of islamic community says i have a vision where every town in austria has a mosque what's your response to that. this historic we also need to proclaim that we. act islamic islam is a world religion unfortunately it has emerged in signs of radicalism radical islam isn't it we deny radicalism in any religion including israel it's true of any other religion where there's radicalism we are against it but europe is a western christian land it's
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a fact when they come to us as guests they can easily hold their rituals they don't need minaret someways ins they can pray hair and religious freedom is guaranteed to them unlike islamic countries where we are christians often discover that we don't enjoy this kind of freedom that christians are persecuted and forbid to build churches that is why we see manifestations of intolerance to christianity in some countries of the islamic world what i mean is that we should make it clear to them that tolerance should be two sided and that both sides should observe each other's rights today we are witnessing radical islamist trends which are not perceived as a religion but as a political order several months ago the turkish prime minister announced his intention to headers and i'm a union which so to speak will brush aside all other aggressors he wants to have a decisive voice and his fear of world dominance he wants to define a future is a militant statement provides a more than convincing proof of his intentions but i think that we the europeans
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should wake up and become more sensitive and more conscious of our cultures there's also concerns the preservation of europe info culture we need to do that so as not to disappear politically and demographically so that the loss of values doesn't lead to complete disintegration this is exactly what i am trying to revive in europe what did the freedom party create a video game where you can shoot down and muslims this is still out there i do not support this game and i willingly made statements in public about it they are not to my liking but one should stick to the truth it's not like playing war as many mistakenly think this game has been played in switzerland for many years and it's fully legal that actually a british shot and on the contrary by pressing the delete button so to speak they correct flawed tendencies like mosques and it's not a wall there are no swastikas and the weapons that's what helps eradicate the floor condenses and of course it can't be interpreted as a whip. should turkey be allowed to join the european union it has been here that.
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i respect or turkey is a fantastic country a proud country a live untasted culture with fantastic economic success which inspires respect we respect turkey's accomplishments and every turkish man may just live in proud of his country just as we are proud of our country but turkey is not a part of europe it does not belong there either geographically all historically or culturally and i want europe to stay within its borders i do not want to see europe expanding brain clearly non european countries which will turn europe into a europe in asian african formation that it would mean the end of europe and it would mean an end to the european idea of peace and social ideals. for all sorts i predict that the president of france has the muslim phrase fill the burka with you become president of austria would you go further with. those as i would strongly support a ban of disguising a person's appearance but that i first of all mean the full covering up of
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a face it's not about certain people but about the fact that people should not hide their face and that you could see and recognize everyone in our society and i also would like to explain a legislation like this one in effect until as so many years to be precise in public schools in public universities in civil service in other words for the officials there is a law prohibiting wearing the headscarf because it's not needed in such places and everyone is free to do whatever one wants in their own leisure time but people arriving to our culture have to integrate adapt to our conditions and observe our laws and we expect it from the people who do not want to and not force to come right in a not obliged to state that the us and you believe greece isn't right for the euro what about other struggling economies like portugal as a. europe is not a balanced block and that's the problem with the e.u. used to. element but he was trying to manage everything in central and centralized
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way taking everything in its hands and bespeak this is the wrong way to go about it there are different national economies in europe different speeds europe is more than the year there are many countries which do not belong to the e.u. that's why we should reject centralism and stick to more federalism we should strengthen national parliaments regionalization and federalization also we should sort out the problems with the common currency before we face a great fall which will have an impact on every european nation at the moment the tired and flawed systems haven't changed it has been no change in the banking system there has been speculation and there has been no procedure for a bank going bankrupt they can obtain leave to prop up a failed system with tax payers money they help a system which may end up imploding hyperinflation and eventually it may put an end to the order of life and european nations and nobody thinks about it that's why we need to rethink the system and think it's wise and right for the strong national economies to leave the eurozone and return to their currencies or maybe strong
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national economy create a new strong currency not the super euro or whatever they call it but a currency that will see europe have to get a euro which will not get dragged down by misfortune with the two parties involved that setting that you will rule out italy's self tirol region becoming part of austria why insert there or in south korea we have a sort of autonomy for which we had to make a big effort but today teryl does not have the right to self-determination in the they speak a lot about the right to self-determination but in fact we can see that inside the it's not always applied i think the south to rowland's will be able to obtain the right to self-determination sooner or later but at present they're probably at different stages and developing in the direction of becoming a free state and then when they probably become a free state they will be able to use the right of self-determination and desire. if they want or do not want to stay inside italy or attempt to austria it's legal
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we all belong to one and the same european union so there must be no problem with that. we still have such bans and i think it's an absolutely positive step and they must be a possibility to support it like the regional interests of the northern league they actively support the desire for autonomy regions which are not even italian that's why we do not contradict on the contrary the position of the federal political party is the same on many issues you've made a rope song which people can listen to on your website let's have a listen to that first. as who it is divorced. i consciously will not do it i'm a politician and there is a responsibility on me but at the same time i do my best and it's really hard for me to use new means of communication like face at twitter rap music and comics i do it consciously because i want to start a dialogue with people. especially young people who are often disappointed in
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politics and in whom politics excites screens are discussed because i want to involve them in a scuffle and i succeed i love to be recorded i record my rap tracks and upload those videos onto you tube where you can watch them but i do not arrange concerts in behind the people's representatives so to speak and maybe the one who can persuade you and this one can be contained as long as possible it goes those who do not want to integrate have a destination for you back to your motherland have a nice trip we have another unemployed here like this. all the up on your website age destruction eighty is called vienna's blood what does that mean then upload this thing and i mean a root is a global trademark of beautiful vienna and the culture of living of vienna citizens i mean aboot an operetta by strauss the magnificent performance you can see every year in concerts around the world. millions of people listen to this high class music and it is vienna's to the world lena boots is described as boiling and has
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passion we show this passion and a good way it's good that we speak about it we said more bravery to vina groups and to our culture we do not speak badly of everything foreign we say that it's bad when we become a minority in our motherland this way no nation and no culture will be happy on earth when you are a minority in another land that means that you have lost your model and there exists a human right a right to have a motherland and it's very important to us it's the right for all nations on earth as well as for the kurds and many other nations who have recently been to learn of this right of what is hypothermia. that's a big compliment and mobile home is to me oh creation off to the food system the
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global food system is not created to feed the people of the world it's created to maximize the profits. you're not trading the actual cash physical grain you're trading promises for graeme to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. for somebody like light silver or gold they can be negotiated in order to some degree in. some place. yet or. possibly it's not traded now but it could be in the future. of the.
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the fine egyptians remained in south korea square for the six days of the man an immediate transfer of power as a reject the blood by military rulers to speed up the presidential elections at least thirty six people have died so far in fierce clashes between protesters and security forces that crossed the country. the un general sam was human rights to me and them syria for its violent crackdown on anti-government protests damascus calls it a u.s. led watch to topple its government of russia its name from boeing on the resolution saying dialogue is the only solution to the crisis. and find here is after the death of former f.s.b. officer always now even younger from following him poisoning in the u.k. the case remains unsolved and so are the side of russian british relations london
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wants the main suspects to be extradited to russia has refused saying it's against the constitution to hand over its citizens to foreign governments. a war news coming your way involved fifteen minutes before that and see what's happening in sports here's a miter. hello there just have a company again coming up in the. hopes almost dashed test hamas could lose to french side little in the champions league but still have a slim chance of qualifying for the playoffs. in the champions league surprised. a change that is knowing how victory will put them in the round of sixteen. and into the last four roger federer russia's rafael nadal took a place in this a.t.p.
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world tour finals in london. let's start with football where tests come moscow have lost to the french side low in the champions league on tuesday night in the russian capital and on goal from. a moment after the break and finish from the star so in this six feet off many secured off points for the french when the other group became transport drew with one all means think talents have guaranteed themselves a sport those results believe their export chance of qualifying for the post to be hoping that and charge us paul will draw on the seventh of december after the game in the test coach plenty slutsky says his team deserve to lose. your three children we deserve to lose today our problems with injuries did not allow our false row because we have people who have recovered from injuries and go straight into the store to line up after not playing for several months from
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conditions. this is right on and we needed to win this game and we played it pretty well we created various chances who could have scored more than two and we took our previous experience into consideration that c.s.k. straight is doing we're involved in a lot of the high cost forward. all this time come on the program in the meantime in-group daily on and settled for a goal is draw while the real madrid have conceded their first goals of a campaign but maintained their perfect record winning all five games spanish giants thrashed in on as our group six to. court in the space of six to six minutes in creation champions responded with two late consolation goals. i think the real madrid gave them a chance i think real madrid didn't we didn't give any time for them to settle down to go into the match to feel the minutes we just. we
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just smash immediately so we give them all we give them a chance so that's the point. in group c. all three points out of the last say this out there are made in opponents three to three hearts their chances of making it into the round of sixteen the united nations the chance to book another place in the knockout stages as they drew with anything that two or. three we did well. things are musicals where with a march of two years. time to get going again. once we did report. windows there were on today bridge you know football can be with. and religious a few minutes after school to say you know what we were going ok what was true it was or single. and finally
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a lady by munich made sure they'll finish on top of the pile following a convincing three one picture of the video just to sit in while mystified and lost an awful it makes life harder for events in his mansion in holland for the playoff spots left of the group they need to bring to john winston in two weeks' time hoping that sales will be the reality in their last group game. continues home clash between the top two sides of group g. surprise leaders have arrived in st petersburg hoping to bait and progress to the knockout stage that separates. and remember they won their first meeting against the chalice but it is meant to one take off and it's not so hard headed again at the stadium. it will be a different game from the words we are used to playing but we have to get inside the game as fast as possible to be equal to. the player we're getting the last
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game against top world will be in our minds and it will be good to know you know all the players. and they have a good team maybe the first game that wasn't so. i don't so young the rest to me to them but we all know them well it's not another surprise for them. also defending champ and they've saved us a long of a similar on both sides have already qualified from group h. but despite that man's head coach from a similar electorate says fans can expect an exciting form of service and zero with both teams hoping to finish top of the group. was it would be and it will be agreed to match against the place team in the world the moment we respect we have to clear a room game. right now roger federer has booked a place in the last thought by the a.t.p. world tour finals in london that's up to thrashing world number two rafa on adar in
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straight sets the swiss who is currently world number four needed just over an hour to beat the spaniard federative open a six three and he stormed the second set claiming it six and the match they spend it now needs to be job on thursday to join fredricka in the semifinals. after it includes various tonight to really look at it all go through quickly as we saw at the end of it was an exciting match to play. through excited after some but awful severely disfigured a close one in a group that was able to turn the republican. frenchmen meanwhile earned his first win of the tournament i said that american not official in the second group the match to go won the open so in a tie break there is no chance in the second taking it six one.
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formula one now where brazilian driver philip is set to reach as center of races for ferrari at the last grand prix of the season in so power it will make him only the third man in the sport to achieve this alongside michael and rubens were a pellet. i always dreamed to have a guarantee even when i was a key you know and then when i was looking to for id in the role of the it was a dream going to work and so that's why it's so special you know to be part of the family for writing read and to complete. one hundred rupees for id and to be. one of the drivers who do all the mods for these for this car. but it's not finish where we started with the longest of the russian premier league season may have a new form but the game is still all about finding the back of the net of course all the stripes that flew into ring the opening state of the second phase so now it's goals little time.
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ok you're out today no more. the globe put into the weather is next. year is that so much. of what's next. to strong arm tactics to disperse protest movements.
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all. the. defeat of the food come from can science provide the answers to the future of food under the microscope. we've got the future covered. in the ground. in china you can see sensors.


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